Eco Friendly Cremations

Kapiti Coast Funeral Home is keen on being an environmentally-friendly business, and because of this has worked on the concept of ‘natural cremation’ for some time prior to opening this crematorium.  And have the realisation that as technology progresses and improves, that there is a continuous need to work on best practice, and continue to improve the crematorium.


  • Caskets to be environmentally sustainable.

  • Preparation of the deceased to be eco-friendly.

  • Limit inorganic items

  • Carbon credits and tree planting to reduce the impact

  • Proximity to the funeral home to reduce emissions and the carbon miles.

  • Having as small as possible carbon footprint

Environmentally-friendly Caskets

For many years, we have been working with casket manufacturers to produce a high-standard pine casket, stained to look like ever-popular Rimu or Mahogany. After many prototypes, we now have a beautiful pine casket range, that cost no more than MDF caskets, with the bonus that they not only look really good but being made of fast-growing pine, they are 100% environmentally sustainable.

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Kapiti Coast Funeral Home’s Caskets

As part of his drive for environmentally-friendly funerals and natural cremations, Kapiti Coast Funeral Home Managing Director, Andrew Malcolm, developed a technique called ecoprep.

This is deceased preparation that uses natural oils and an arterial wash to cleanse the body of toxins and chemicals built up in the bloodstream and on the skin surface.

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